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It is because we take pride in the quality of our work that we include details of our fabrication process, the materials used and the reasons for doing so in our written quotes.

The first and most important part of our process is that our staff will visit every site prior to providing a quotation.

We have several reasons for doing this. It enables us to discuss your reasons and requirements in person and to offer the appropriate advice and to then provide an accurate quotation.

The ability to provide an accurate and informed quotation ensures that there are no ‘surprises’ for the customer or ourselves. It also serves to ensure that there are no misunderstandings or misinterpretations between ourselves and our customers.


On our visit to your property we will take photographs and measurements of the proposed installation location.

Once a quotation is accepted we will again attend the property and undertake a complete level and measurement survey from which a set of working drawings will be derived. At this time we will also inspect for possible complications at the install time, this to ensure we take all possible steps to provide a seamless installation on the day.

Once the drawings are complete, responsibility for fabrication is assigned to a specific member of our fabrication team. Your products are made to the highest standard, and undergo a series of quality and dimensional checks during fabrication and prior to being sent to the powder coaters and or galvanizers. Upon return to our factory the same fabricator will fit all accessories and perform the last of the quality checks prior to installation. Our entire production team takes immense pride in the products they make and take no shortcuts with quality.


All materials used to fabricate our custom gates are sourced where possible from Australian manufacturers. The steel used is the best quality pre-galvanized tube and sections available. In the event products are Hot Dip galvanized we use the same tube but without the pre-galvanised finish.


Powder coat finish is porous, so to ensure longevity it is essential that some form of rust proofing takes place before powder coating. Our pre-galvanized tube and sections provide excellent protection to the base metals, however locations near the sea are particularly prone to corrosion and we hot dip galvanise items for extra protection. This finish can have a slight ‘sand grain’ effect in places, but this is the normal finish for hot dipped products. For all items that are powdercoated and not hot dip galvanised, we insist on an additional layer of zinc powdercoat primer applied at the powdercoaters, before your colour is applied.


We use Dulux powdercoating finishes where possible, to guarantee you the best possible finish to your items. We have found the Dulux product to be the best and will give long lasting protection.


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